Your Mental Health Matters

I'm writing here almost after a year and the past year has been a roller coaster. These few months have made us feel how important is our mental health. We our locked inside our homes don't know what to do or should I say we actually know what to do. Take some time off and breathe.

I know a whole lot is going on around the world right now. Tons of negative stories have taken over the internet and they probably are starting to get to us. But we have to protect ourselves. There is so much unrest and chaos brewing around and cultivating the right mental habits have never been more important. And it is so sad that a lot of people rarely pay attention to their mental health. They practice self-awareness on almost every other aspect of their lives but treat their mental health with a pinch of salt.

This is not good. Your mental health is as important as every other aspect of your life and if you do not pay attention to its needs, without doubts, you are going to fail in other actions.

Most people around the world are people who do not joke with the status of their mental health. They would waste no time in cutting you off if you prove to be harmful to their mental space. This is how everyone should live. You should prioritize your mental health so much; there is no room for negativity.

Now, the big question is, how do you improve your mental health? Are there habits you can cultivate to aid the growth of your mental health? In this article, I will be giving you tips on some habits you need to practice to improve your mental health but before that I'm going to ask you few deep questions and you need to be honest with yourself:

  1. ​What are you feeling right now? Are you feeling okay?

  2. On a scale of 1-5, how good is your mental health?

  3. Do you consciously make efforts to protect your mind?

  4. What are you holding on, that is damaging your mental health?

  5. What have you been clinging to that is asking to be released?

  6. Are you validating your feelings and emotions?

  7. How is this emotion serving you?

  8. What is your energy level right now?

  9. Is your mental health efficient?​

So now that we know, lets quickly know what is good mental health? It’s simple. Having good mental health means being able to feel positive about oneself and others.

Good mental health helps you form a good relationship and have the resilience to overcome challenges. It could also mean being able to stabilize your emotional wellness and well-being. There are few habits that I follow to keep my mental health in check.

1. Develop a good opinion of yourself:

Before we move forward, I want you to repeat this to yourself; I am worthy and deserving of self-appreciation. I have come a long way, my growth and rejoice are the proof that If I have the ability to break, I have the power to mend. I am resilient.

This is key in knowing how to be mentally healthy and happy. Your mental health is tied to your mindset. How do you view yourself? Personally, I believe that the way you view yourself is the way the people around you will view you. Why? People observe before acting. They might not always show that they are observing but they do. So, when they see that you give room for disrespect, they take advantage of that. Asides the fact that people observe, you also have a role to play in your mental health by the opinions you have of yourself. If you constantly view yourself from the lenses of negativity, reduction or comparison you will never have good mental health.

Do not let what you are going through at the moment bring you down. Learn to always see the positive side of things and ignore negativity. You are not living in ignorance by doing this, rather, you are just protecting your mental health.

2. Quiet Your Mind:

There is so much chaos brewing around the world that it is extremely mandatory to watch the thoughts that you preserve in your mind it’s so easy to get caught up in negativity and lose track of yourself or get confused by the several voices, limitations, obstacles and challenges hovering around.

Quieting your mind can be done in several ways, it could be you writing down your frustration, try meditating, express gratitude, reflecting, brain dumping and easing your spirit, listening to music, talking to old friend, de-culttering, anything that helps you out off the bed, that makes you happy and less lonely.

3. Exercise Regularly:

Regularly exercising is a great way of stabilizing your mental health. To achieve this, you are advised to have an exercise routine. I'll be honest with you, I don't exercise regularly. It is definitely beneficial but I am a bit lazy but I would suggest you follow a regime that can as minimalistic as possible.

Regular exercises also have health benefits. They help keep the body and mind in shape.For instance, you could introduce a song to get your vibes together. Just do whatever you can, to ensure that you are consistent with your exercises. Summarily, exercising regularly is the very key to achieve a calm mind.

4. Manage Stress:

Trust me, I know what the definition of stress is. In fact, for a long time, I did entertain stress in my life with a lot of things clogging my mind and body. Here’s one tip I always give anyone who asks me for guides on how to manage stress.

Firstly, You are not a machine. Study your body and know your limits. The moment you realize that you are doing way too much or that you are already getting tired, feel free to stop what you are doing at that moment and get some rest. It is best for your mental health.

I have studied myself, the moment I get on my laptop and start working, I lookout for the slightest signs for fatigue. The sign could come as nausea, or as a headache. And as soon as I see this sign, I take a pause, a nap or break with whatever I am doing at that moment and tend to myself and this has drastically reduced my stress levels. I prioritize my mental health over my work. And as an advice, you should too. Feel free to take that break.

Action Plan: Check out my article on 'How To Destress Yourself'

5. Get Enough Sleep:

I cannot stress this enough. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Your body and mind need to rest. You are harming your mental health by not having enough sleep. I feel like I am literally talking to myself with this point.

I am a night crawler and most of my creative juice flow so well at night so for me, it’s a hassle getting enough sleep but this is something I have been making serious adjustments to by waking up a late and I do not feel guilty for making such adjustments because my mental health and stability is extremely important.

Learn to know when to shut down and sleep. Your body and mind get refreshed and recharged when you sleep properly. Sleep is as important to your health as eating, drinking and breathing. Sleep avails your body the opportunity to repair itself and your brain the opportunity to process information. So, if you want to take care of your mental health, you must ensure that you get enough sleep.

6. Build Relationships:

This is another important thing you cannot ignore in your journey to learning how to improve your mental health. Who are the people in your circle? Your circle matters a lot in determining how good your mental health is. Ensure that you surround yourself with people who groom your positive emotions. Having beautiful friendships and relationships is therapeutic. You get to enjoy awesome conversations and engagements.

However, do not hesitate to cut off any relationships that might seem harmful.Also, never feel burdened to be in a relationship you are not feeling. You are not a toy; you are a human with feelings and such feelings should be respected.

7. Have Fun:

I have never been an introvert, I love going out even if that is by myself. So,I go out regularly now. I pay visits to old friends. I attend parties and other kinds of lively events. You should do this too. Go out there and have fun! Visit amusement parks, go out with friends to a hangout, visit zoos, just ensure that you are not living a boring life.

I must state, however, that having fun is not only limited to going to parties or events. You could be in the comfort of your home and have amazing fun. Whatever works for you!

8. Get Help If You Need It:

One of the most underrated things about knowing how to improve your mental health is speaking out. Speak out when you feel you can’t handle certain things. Do not overburden yourself with things you feel are beyond your power.

Personally, I feel vulnerable when I ask for help. But then I have concluded that it is inevitable! You cannot do everything all by yourself. If you feel like your work or relationships are becoming burdensome reach out to someone, delegate responsibility. Let people know how you feel and give them the opportunity to help if they can. You are doing yourself no good, mentally, by not giving people the chance to help.

Some people care and would help you with your tasks in a heartbeat. All you need to do is open your heart to their help. Besides, getting help is more of an advantage to you than it is a disadvantage, right?

And if you need anyone to talk to you can send me a message on Instagram or an email and I will be sure to help in any possible way I can. Feel free to share whatever struggles you are having when it comes to your self improvement journey or taking charge of your life, I am just a click away!

9. Set Boundaries:

Lastly, you need to master the art of setting boundaries. Setting boundaries give room for respect and helps you easily filter disrespect. There’s a faux belief that setting boundaries is being selfish. No! You are not being selfish by setting boundaries. You are just making known, the things you will not allow into your life.

Your mental health should always be prioritized and with these tips. You are the only one responsible for your mental health. Set boundaries if need be; cut people off if need be. What matters is that you are paying attention to the stability of your mind.

I’d like to know your thoughts in the comment section. What are you doing to protect your mental health? Have you ever taken any step to protect your mental health in the past? Feel free to drop your stories in the comment section. I’d be more than glad to read them.

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