What To Pack On A Weekend Get Away With Your Boyfriend

A romantic weekend getaway is a perfect way to spend one on one time with your boyfriend. Everyone deserves a break from the monotony of life, and a weekend away is proven to light fires and bring sizzle back into the relationship.

Packing is always a huge task when it comes to a getaway with your boyfriend. Here’s what to pack for a Romantic Weekend Getaway:

Do your homework: Where are you heading? What are the weather and the general vibe? For sand-and-surf-driven destinations, go for simple bikinis and adding in a pair of rope sandals that can easily be paired with a cotton sundress for a casual dinner by the beach. If you are heading somewhere more glamorous, stock up on sheer cover-ups and lightweight silk dresses that can be played up with and metallic sandals by night.jewelry

Lingerie game: Pack a new pair of lingerie, ideally something light and fresh to compliment your hard-earned tan. No matter how lingerie-blind most guys proclaim to be, most of them do subconsciously notice and appreciate the effort. Some garter belts and thigh high stocking for your sexy legs. Bring a pretty slip or something silky (silk shorts and camisole are a very viable alternative) to sleep in; a see-through white shirt will do all the work, giving him a memory to hold onto.

Improvise: No matter how much you prepare; you will undoubtedly face a moment when you are sunburned, slightly hung over and completely at a loss of what to wear. Guys actually enjoy seeing you in their clothing, so hope that he’s an over-packer, you can borrow his button-down, the sweater for the boyfriend look. And above all, try to remember that at the end of the day, it won't really matter what you’re wearing. Just try to relax and enjoy those moments of getting to know one, another and the rest will come naturally.

Birth control: You obviously don’t want to get pregnant. So make sure you carry extra pills or condoms. Lubricant if it’s your first time.

Your alter ego: You have been toting around Ms Nice all month long. Now it’s time to bring out your sexy alter ego. Be playful, flirtatious, uninhibited and passionate. Carry an extra pair of cuffs and eye mask.

Bluetooth speaker: Make a playlist of songs you and your boyfriend enjoy listening to. With the speakers, you can play music by the pool, by the shore or by the tub.

Style and Comfort: Forgo the cozy sweats and step up your travel gear. Throw on a headscarf or a Panama hat for a touch of vacation glam. Anything too short or skimpy is the best option, but to spare you from the chagrin and go for an easy knee-length dress and a light Pashmina that can easily be used as a travel throws (for the very cuddly, larger ones are easily shared, too).

Here’s a checklist that will help sort things:

  1. Tops

  2. Bottoms

  3. Lingerie

  4. Night wear

  5. Bathing Suit

  6. Sandals/Shoes/Flip-Flops

  7. Coat/Jacket

  8. Socks

  9. Hat

  10. Scarf

  11. Toiletries

  12. Cosmetic

  13. Accessories

  14. Medication

  15. Camera

  16. Phone

  17. Electronic and Chargers

  18. Passport

  19. ID

  20. Ticket

  21. Credit or Debit Card/Cash

  22. Birth Control

  23. First aid

  24. Feminine Product

  25. Razor

  26. If any………………………………………………

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