Time Off

I refuse to date again unless someone cares to know every detail about me. Someone who listens on bad days and knows how to handle them, not walk away or shut me out. Someone who doesn’t expect me to foot the bill or put in all the efforts. Someone who listens to my favorite music to understand why it means so much. Someone who doesn’t selfishly use me as a guinea pig to figure out their sexuality, while sleeping around on the side. I don’t need another person who is going to sneak around, cheat, or play games. I’ve had my fair share of terrible and toxic experiences and I’m tired. I refuse to continuously put myself and my heart on the line just to be screwed over by people that don’t deserve it. I’ve experienced it all and now, I’ve learned from it. I like to think that one day, I’ll spend the rest of my life with someone. I’ll learn to enjoy being alone in the meantime. I refuse to do it again and I simply can’t handle it another time. I’m done wasting my time. For now, I’ll enjoy the quiet until someone makes it worth it.


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