Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Clothes

Being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut new clothing out of your life for good. Whether you’re picking pennies or saving them, shopping smartly is a great way to spruce up your style. Follow these simple tips to save while you shop.

Don’t buy something because it’s cheap:

Newsflash! If you buy a product only because it’s easy on the pocket (and not particularly something you’ll use), you’ve wasted money. We’re all particularly guilty of this when it comes to new shoes- comfort comes first. A pair of cheap shoes that are trending and seemed sort-of-comfortable in the store is a total no-go. You could have saved all that money and spent it on gorgeous shoes that don’t bite!

Plan what you need:

Before heading out, plan. Do you need a new blazer? What colors go well with the rest of your clothes? How frequently can you use this piece? Write down what you need and carry it with you when you go shopping- this will help you reign in all those impulse purchases. Make time to take an inventory of what you already own, what fits, and what you need. The idea is to cultivate a complete wardrobe that is filled with pieces you love and use often.

Buy Better Basics:

When it comes to wardrobe staples, the options are endless, seemingly similar, and available at every price point- from Forever 21 to Burberry. The key is to invest in pieces you’ll wear regularly, through the seasons. The low-cost black pencil skirt and the pricey one might not look very different on the rack, but shelling out a little more now will ensure that you don’t have to replace the lower-priced version (which will show tell-tale signs of wearing sooner). It’s all about saving money in the long run.

Classic for a reason:

Expensive, trendy pieces have no place in your closet if you are on a budget. The cost per use of these items is very high, and it isn’t worth it if you don’t have a few spare wads of cash lying around.

Buy brands you already like:

If already like a certain brand, stick to it! Sometimes garments by certain brands look better on your body and suit your style more than others. It almost guarantees that you will not regret the purchase, and the item will see frequent use- effective cost-per-wear. If you are cash-strapped, it’s a smart choice not to gamble on new brands and stick with the staples.

Hunt those sales and coupons down:

If you love a certain brand and are buy their pieces regularly, subscribe to their email list. Plenty of clothing stores send coupons through the year, more so during the holidays and sale season. Some brands even have annual or bi-annual blow-out sales. Wouldn’t you want to be notified before it begins- so you can be there, coupon and girlfriends in-hand? Stick to your favorites and don’t sign up for too many or inbox will look more like spam mail!

Shop out of season:

Toss out the fashion rule book to save money on clothes. For the most part, your wardrobe shouldn’t rotate through the seasons (other than bathing suits and sweaters).There is no reason why you can’t make a t-shirt and jeans work throughout the year by just adding or shedding layers to ensure that you are comfortable regardless of the weather. Shopping with all seasons in mind opens up greater savings.

Alternative Ways to Shop:

Mass retailers aren’t the only options to keep your closet well-stocked. Host a clothes swap with friends, scour through eBay for investment pieces, and keep an eye on the local thrift stores. Buying used clothing is a great way to save money. Rejected export surplus goods are also pocket friendly and available for the picking.

Take care of your clothes.

Increase the life of your garments by taking good care of them. Read the laundry care label and follow it with each wash. This slows the wear-and-tear over time. Storage is also important. Sort out heaps of clothes, and fold or hang it in closets instead.

Fast fashion faux pas:

A lot of fast fashion labels use poor quality fabric and construction techniques that can lead to a high cost-per-wear as they don’t last very long. You get what you pay for in terms of quality. Learning the basics of sewing to fix tears and buttons also helps!

Stay Stylish!

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