Self Love Affirmations

A daily morning reminder to yourself about your awesomeness, worthiness and youthfulness.

  • Try accepting compliments with ease because you know you are worthy of them.

  • You are becoming a better version of yourself with every passing day.

  • Let go of the fear of making mistakes and feeling like a failure.

  • Let go of all the negative self talk.

  • Your actions are intentional, and you do every thing with purpose.

  • Accept yourself unconditionally.

  • Stop going down the path of self-hatred and self-destruction.

  • Accept yourself for who you are, in your current state.

  • Respect yourself and treat yourself with kindness and love.

  • Your life is beautiful, appreciate it.

  • You are allowed to feel hurt and express pain, that makes you human.

  • Stop apologizing for who you are.

  • The only approval you will ever need is your own.

  • Love your body and all it does for you.

  • Let go of people who do not have your best interests at heart.

  • Be proud of all that you have accomplished.

  • You have so much to celebrate about yourself.

  • You have got your back and you need no one else to back you up.

  • You are amazing and worth it and so is everybody else.

  • You carry strength and resilience within you.

  • You have the ability to overcome any challenge life gives you.

  • You feel profound empathy and love for others and their own unique path.

  • Your body is a beautiful expression of your individuality.

  • Love brings you youthfulness, energy, compassion and rejuvenates you.

  • You are authentic, true and expressive.

  • You are creative, passionate and you can fulfill your dreams.

  • Your eyes see beauty and Your lips speak poems.

  • Stay balanced when other people are unbalanced.

  • See your struggles as opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Your mind is full of gratitude and a beautiful disaster.

  • You are your best source of motivation.

  • There are no obstacles you can’t overcome.

  • You deeply love and approve of yourself

  • You are blessed to have a wonderful soul. It radiates from the inside and it warms the souls of others.

  • Believe in yourself and nothing will stand in the way of you loving yourself.

  • Today, you choose your happiness.

  • You are fucking amazing and you are a badass!

Trust me you were not stupid for getting into and being stuck in a bad relationship and situation, you just did not love yourself or see your worth. Forgive your younger and not so smart self for thinking so little of you. From now on move forward in life, with love for yourself and cognizant of your worth. This will help you walk away from those who, for whatever reason, just don't see it.

Blue inked Fingers.

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