New Year's Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but this is definitely my favorite time of the year! Christmas & Christmas trees, Winters, big gigs and the delicious food and New Year’s resolutions…

I must say I’m pretty bad at keeping New Year’s resolutions.

Every year I write down a maximum of 5 – which are the most important ones, like meditating every day or learning a new language – and then others 5 or 6 that are the ones that don’t require me to put so much effort – like learning 3 or 4 new recipes and so on. The best way to keep New Year’s resolutions is to make them simple, actionable and realistic. Let's begin with few easy resolutions to make;


And I don’t mean healthier. Just eat fresher, like more fruit, or more veggies. One great purpose could be to eat fruit in the morning instead of your coffee and cakes! As I said, it’s something little you can start with, but it will make you feel better and slowly –maybe – you’ll start changing your whole diet. I’ll repeat it – slowly!


Again, choose something actionable and realistic, like making a face mask every Sunday, or watching some Netflix at the end of the day.


And this doesn’t necessarily mean working out. It could be something as simple as taking a morning walk with your dog!


You could use online courses to do so! So that you will be learning in the comfy space of your bed, maybe with some hot cocoa in your hands! I do this, a lot!


It doesn’t have to be something crazy like reading 3 books per week. Maybe it is just too much. Instead, you can read as little as 10 pages per day. Reading is a habit, and you’ll get faster with time, so those 10 pages might turn into 30. And 30 pages per day equals 210 pages at the end of the week. Voilà! You just read a book in a week! How great is that?!


It means to make your bed, workout, drink your morning green tea; Get a routine you can never get bored off.. This will help you feel better and enthusiastic the whole day.


You could be having a gratitude diary or a 5-minute journal. If you didn’t guess, it’s called “5-minute journal” because it takes you only 5 minutes to compile.


Remove all the unnecessary stuff in your life and get it out. You can start by decluttering your wardrobe – it’s usually the easiest thing. Then declutter an entire room and slowly the entire house. And you could also be decluttering all of that plastic and trash in your life, doing a great favor to the planet and to your wallet!


No, I’m not talking about the Frozen song!

I’m talking about letting go all of your bad thoughts, all of your regrets, and all of that other crap that keeps poisoning your mind. Meditation is such a good way to do so. It helps you focus on the present moment, on what you can do right now if you want to change the conditions of the life you’re in.


I think everybody has a creative side. And I think this is such a great new year’s resolution because it allows you to experiment with what your brain is able to do and when it works at his best.

When do you have the greatest ideas?

If you want to be a writer – or an artist – for example, at what time of the day you give your best?


I’m actually planning on writing an entire blog post about how to write more every day. I’m very convinced that writing is a habit. It could be a talent, but it won’t help much unless you start doing it consistently, which makes it a habit. You could be writing a novel this year, only by starting writing 30 minutes every day. After 365 days, here is your novel!


Get off your computer and go to a cafe and try to speak to someone. Even a little conversation about the chocolate cake is fine – Did I say chocolate cake? – or the weather is great to start with. It’s just one of those cute things you should always try to do more.


Again, this is just one of those cute things you should always try to do more. You will make a person feel better because of the compliment, and you will feel better because you made that person feel better!


Loving yourself is one of those things that the sooner you learn, the better. Take some me-time, relax, tell yourself you’re beautiful. Not kidding. This affirmations thing works. Write down a note including all of the things you like about yourself and if you can’t even find one – which is almost impossible – just write down the following:

“I am beautiful”

I personally put that note on my desk, so that it’s always there for me to notice whenever I’m working. It’s just a place I spend most of my time in, so put that note wherever you go often. Almost a place you’re forced to go every day so that you won’t avoid it. I’m serious, this one action can improve your motivation like crazy. Just give it try, it doesn’t cost a thing.


Try to learn some new words per time, but do it every day, consistently. There are many apps that help you to do so.


Try to be specific and plan ahead a specific number of family events you would like to attend. An idea would be to be spending every Sunday with your family. Just remember to set a clear and specific goal.


One of the best pieces of advice I could ever give you – if you’re planning to lose weight – is to photograph your meals. No, not to post them on Instagram!

Instead, this helps you keep track of what you eat and get conscious about that.

If you’re trying to lose weight, apart from the obvious eat healthily and work out, this is the best action you can take. Another last, great weight loss tool I experienced myself is intermittent fasting. I would never recommend you something I didn’t try on my own skin, but remember that bodies are all different and what works for me might not work for you!


I will be publishing a blog post about how to stop procrastinating in the next few days, but in the meantime remember that even just setting specific and realistic goals will help you stop procrastinating – at least on your New Year’s resolutions!

Which new year’s resolutions you like the most? And which or which ones are you going to take action on? Let me know in the comments!!

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