It's Not Easy To Be A Man

Have you ever thought about why the only news that pops up on television, radio, newspaper or social media is that of WOMEN being raped, assaulted and abused ? Why does none of it mention how a man was brutally raped, assaulted or abused?

Girl problems are not the only kind of problems that exist. Yes, men have problems too. Right! these are problems that are lost in the abyss of feminism sometimes. Let’s save that for later. Getting back to it, men have problems too, be it social problems, psychological, physical or political.

Here’s a list of problems that men face:

Clumsy Boner Instants:

This point occupies the number one position on my list of guy problems. It’s my personal favorite. Honestly though, I don’t know how it feels to survive the awkward boner moments because I’m a girl but I’ve heard a lot from my friends(sad for them, hilarious for me.) Your mom comes and wakes you up, but Dammn!. You have your morning wood on. You need to give a presentation on something but whoops you have a boner on.

Body Hair Kinda Everywhere:

If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, you know how annoying it can get. Everybody, irrespective of whether they are male or female, knows how it feels to have hair on the body. It’s extremely annoying. It gets itchy, messy and all of that. You could probably even get to the stage where you’re ready to do anything to remove the hair. Well, you know…waxing because it’s painful, shaving because it feels like it grows back thicker, laser removal because well who wants to spend that much? Oh wait…we want to remove hair without putting in any time, money or effort. That’s where the problems begin, yeah?

Agony In The Name Of Chivalry:

Men everyday, everywhere around the world are expected to do certain things in the name of ‘Chivalry’. Women expect men to do a certain number of things like you know, open the door for them, move the chair for them, keep them the jacket when they feel cold and all of that. Although doing all of this is good, we fail to understand that men are humans too. When the woman feels cold, so does the man, right? Why expect him to give her the jacket? The before-mentioned things are great to do, but it shouldn’t be expected only from men. Where is your feminism?


People expect men to be “masculine”. Certain traits are associated with men only, and all men are expected to possess them. The society burdens men with what is absolutely unnecessary. For instance, the society looks down upon men who cry. Aren’t we all humans? Aren’t we allowed to even cry in peace? Why tell the guys to “man up and stop crying”?


Depression itself isn’t solely a men’s issue. It affects people at all points on the social scale and can destroy your life no matter what chromosomes you have. In fact, a study went as far to suggest that women are slightly more likely to suffer anxiety or depression than men, so you might be wondering why the hell I included it here. The answer is as simple as it is saddening: men absolutely suck at handling mental illness but that doesn't ignore the fact that they don't suffer. 


The men face sexual, physical or mental abuse too, not just women. Domestic violence are quite common with the men clan. It's just that its easy for a woman to open up and talk about it whereas men face difficulties to open up and share.


Again, what’s with the ridiculous statement “Let the man pay”? Why are the men always expected to pay? We’ve come to the day where in relationships, the guy is always expected to pay. Feminists looking for equality? Well, you ought to start by paying just as much as and as often as the guy does.

Pardon me if this post has been conflicting your views and opinions but what has to be said needs to be said. If you think I have forgotten any of the point please don't feel shy to mention that below at the comment section. 

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