How To Get Best Deals Online

Online shopping means no waiting in long lines for a changing room, having to sort through piles of clothing to find your size, or wading through crowds of fellow shoppers. Plus, you can avoid all the tricks store uses to make you spend more than you originally planned. However, online retailers aren't without their own tricks.

Next time you're surfing the web for deals, try some of these hacks, they will help you get the best price - delivered right to your door.

Abandon your online shopping cart:

Buy items in a "two-stage process." First, go to a site, find what you like, and put it in your cart. Then, close the browser window and wait for a day or two. Leaving items in your virtual cart shows stores you're contemplating a purchase, and this encourages stores to entice you with a deal. "Expect a coupon or promo of some kind to appear in your inbox to tip the purchase."

Take advantage of Social Media:

Often, online sales will happen unannounced. Create a separate account on all the social media platforms, specifically for following "savvy bloggers and deal hounds." Their posts could turn you on to a sale you otherwise wouldn't have known about. "Watch and see when they post about certain brands - a cluster of #KOOVS posts mean you should start Googling for some good, but unheralded, Koovs deals." Of course, you could also just use your regular account, as long as you don't mind a feed full of shopping deals.

Use online deals as leverage:

Let's say you're in Forever21 browsing shoes. You find one you love, but it's not on sale. This is the time to whip out your smartphone and find the shoes online for a better deal - but not buy it. "Instead of buying it from your smartphone, ask to speak with the store manager - increasingly, he or she will likely match that price, giving you an instant discount."

Don't get fooled by free shipping:

A shipping deal was trailed by ASOS in the UK, where shoppers are charged twenty Pounds (1,750 Rupees) for shipping. The trial didn't boost sales. But when ASOS charged nothing for shipping, "shoppers flocked to the site." It means free shipping doesn't translate to a sale on the actual product you are purchasing. "Just because shipping is free, it doesn't make the overall purchase a great deal - compare total costs with other sites before you click the checkout."

Bookmark your favorite brands:

For all those who are brand loyalists out there: Bookmark the corporate sites of your favorite brands because that might be where you find the deals. “Manufacturers sometimes feature print-at-home coupons there to drive traffic on their site.”

Be aware of your location:

You could be at a disadvantage if you live in an upscale area and do your shopping from home. “Businesses online use whatever information they can glean from you to charge an appropriate price - including your location. If you're in an affluent zip code, beware: You might be charged accordingly because the vendor knows you can afford it or cannot.”

An alternative could simply be checking prices when you're away from home to see if there's any advantage, whether that's after hours at work, during some downtime on vacation.

Clear your browser:

The vendors are more likely to offer discounts to new customers as an incentive to "close the deal." Create a special "shopping" profile in a browser to fool vendors into thinking you are a new customer every time you visit their site.

If you'd rather not take the time to create a special profile, you can just designate one browser that you use for shopping only. For instance, if you primarily use chrome, you might want to shop with Firefox and make sure you always clear your cookies after shopping.

Happy Shopping!

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