How To Declutter Your Closet

We have all been there, a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Sure, we have that handful of staple pieces that we couldn’t possibly live without, but the rest of our wardrobes can go untouched for weeks, months, or even years. Having a decluttered closet will allow you to dress and feel better about yourself. Knowing where everything is will allow you to revamp and create new outfits that you may have missed before and will make getting dressed in the morning so much quicker and easier. Getting dressed will be so much more fun when your closet isn’t a mess.

Questions you need to ask yourself while cleaning up your closet.

1. Does it fit me right now?

Clothes that don’t fit you, Let it go. Having a better understanding of why are you holding on to all of that unworn clothes, can really help you when it comes to learning to let go and truly decluttering your closet. While there are many reasons why you may be keeping all of those items, here are a few of the most common ones are greed and guilt. Holding on to your old clothes out of guilt is a big ‘NO’ and also being greedy and buying new ones is also a big ‘NO’. These can be items that you spent a lot of money on and never wore, items that were given to you that just weren’t your style or items that you think you should use/wear but never do {like workout gear!}, items you don’t fit in anymore. Let’s be honest with items you ‘might’ need it in the future; better things will come along. Let it go! You definitely don’t need the extra guilt.

2. Does it make you feel good and positive?

Sometimes an outfit can technically fit you, but just doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. Maybe you don’t like the color or feel of the material. Or maybe you feel like the outfit highlights trouble areas instead of accentuating your positive features. If you don’t feel good wearing it, and you don’t love it, chances are it will sit unworn in your closet forever. Let it go!

3. Can I move freely in it?

It’s one thing for something to look good when you’re standing tall and posing in front of a mirror, but things can look totally different once you start to move around. Reach your arms overhead and squat down to the floor. Do things stays in the place like they should or does everything get all bunched up or appear too short? Does it look good from the back too? Obviously, you don’t want to correct your dress every time you sit or stand. So if you aren’t comfortable wearing it now, you probably will never be.

4. Can you let go of the sentiments attached?

Sentimental clothes that you aren’t wearing shouldn’t reside in your closet. Either take a picture of it and preserve the memory or limit yourself to one tote of “clothes to show your kids, so they can laugh their heads off at you someday.”

Once you have decided what to keep and what to let it go. Divide the clothes you are doubtful about and you want to let it go into three: Redesign, Sell and Donate and Trash.


We all have clothes that still look amazing on us but the sleeve is too long, or it’s too loose for us. Maybe it’s just out of fashion. Try redesigning the outfit and you can reuse them. If you have an old denim jacket and its oversized, you can alter the size and add few batches or tags to it. You can embellish it with some thread work. You can redesign yours, your dad’s or your mom’s old faded denim. Checkout few DIY YouTube videos restyle your wardrobe.

Sell and Donate:

Donate is for all clothes that are lightly used or in newer condition. You could choose to sell or consign these clothes as well but remember that this will take additional time and energy and unless you are selling really high-end things, the rate of return is generally pretty low. But there are few online portals where selling clothes are easier, Elanic and Cout Loot, are the online portals where you can sell your clothes.


Trash is for items that are severely worn and torn, have holes, or their elastic is tattered or is just way out of your style. Place items directly into your trash bag as you go.

At the end of this process, you will have pared down your clothing and accessories to only things that you need and love and have a good understanding of which outfit goes well together. Take those donation clothes down to Goodwill, mend anything that needs repairs or altering, and take your trash bag out to the garbage. You’re then ready to move on to getting things Decluttered!

Blue inked Fingers.

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