For you my love !

For you my love I'll cross the oceans, for you my love I'll write poems, for you my love I'll count the stars and for you my love I'll buy candy jars.

You are special because you are the Sun and the Moon. You are bright like a Monday morning and dim like a Sunday night. Beautiful and vulnerable at the same time.

For you my love, Love 'you'rself.

They are just words we often utter, yet how do we let those words sink in and take actions ? So many of us are engaged in self imposed negativity in our lives without even realizing it. All this leads to self negligence and self harm. Before you fall in love think about loving yourself; Rather than feeling that love and care for someone else feel it for you and feel it within you.

Start loving your body for the way it feels and the way it looks, few pounds and those curves will not harm anyone. Start loving yourself, stop self pity. Stay away from anything that is not good for you, your health, your mind, your peace and your soul. Pull away from things that is pulling you down. If you wait for that one person to come and change your life and accept you for who you are that's not going to happen because it's you who has to change and you have to accept your flaws. Every morning when you wake up remind yourself how amazing and lovable you are. Remind yourself that scars and marks on your body are beautiful.

Don't allow anyone to consume you and your vibe. Be fierce, strong and full of fire, just like a dragon. Don't let anyone get to your head because they will only pull you down. Stand for yourself and your happiness. Start your day with affirmations and belief, because when one believes in one's own self, then no one can stop them.

Do anything and everything for 'you'rself my love.

Blue inked Fingers.

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