Food That Detoxifies Your Body

The human body has its own cleansing and purification system, and it’s pretty efficient. Here are some food items that would help detoxify the body and keep it in peak condition.

Citrus Juice

There are natural components in juice from fruits like oranges, lemons, and so on aid to the production of enzymes that occur in the digestive tract. These compounds are vital in the proper breaking down of food thereby separating toxic substances from ones that the body could benefit from. Lemon juice, in particular, helps the liver and kidneys in doing their job of ridding the body of wastes.

Dark Greens

Leafy greens like basil, spinach, kale, and wheat grass are high in chlorophyll. In basic biology, we learned that this is the molecule that gives leaves its green hue. But this guy is one heck of an organic bouncer. It binds with trouble-making toxic materials that we inadvertently take into our body, and they all get flushed out instead of sticking around and making a mess of the place. Toxins from metals, cleaning products, and pesticides are the main targets of chlorophyll.

Green Tea

Green tea, aside from also having some level of chlorophyll, also has a strong anti-oxidant called catechin, which helps the liver function normally. It’s also pretty much all water, and good old H2O is still the power player in flushing out the nasty stuff.

Raw Vegetables

Pretty much anything raw has a higher percentage of its natural water in it, so eating raw veggies means taking in more water that has a higher amount of natural compounds that are good for the body’s toxin elimination. Raw vegetables are great for assisting the liver filter and expel toxins.

Mung Beans

The humble mung bean has been used as a natural cleanser for centuries. It absorbs toxin buildup from the walls of the intestines. It’s also easy to digest and high in protein.


It makes everything taste great and is really good for you. The compounds in garlic nudge the liver to produce more toxin-filtering enzymes, which are always good for the digestive system. So throw in a clove or two in everything you cook. Raw garlic is also great for maintaining blood pressure at normal ranges.

Do you feel like you need a more intensive detox? Boost your body’s natural toxin-fighting capabilities by adding all of these to your meal. Hot water in the morning and at night is enough to rid your body of harmful substances.

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