Be A Pro Not A Procrastinator

How to ditch procrastination so you can be more productive:

If you’re a serial procrastinator, like me, then you’ve probably said this before “ya, I procrastinate, but I work well under pressure”. It feels so good, yet so bad, when you’ve got a sh*tload of work to do but somehow you find yourself 10 episodes deep in a new Netflix series.

Procrastinating is living in your comfort zone. It’s ignoring our creative spirit, and to be honest; it’s robbing us of the satisfaction of crossing that to-do off our list. So, just like that bad ex-lover that you think you’re over, but somehow ends up at your Facebook search option, how can we break up with procrastination (for good).

There are few steps I follow:


One day, you’re completely ON FIRE and could take over the world, and the next day you literally have no idea what you should be doing (or find a reason to scroll through Facebook or Instagram for a solid hour...) So step one is to admit defeat, and figure out why the heck you’re procrastinating in the first place. Try to understand why are you feeling that way, and is it because it’s something that’s out of your comfort zone, out of your zone of genius or is it because your body is telling you and you need to step away from it? (trust your intuition).


Make a list Before you leave your desk at the end of the day write your list for the following day. Start your list with ONE big goal you’d like to accomplish, then write down the steps you need to take to accomplish that.

(80/20) No, this isn’t just a wellness rule; it applies to to-do lists too! Separate your list into 20% priorities and 80% tasks, then get sh*t done.

Set a time limit. Now put a time limit next to each task, give yourself a little wiggle room and budget a few extra minutes for each task.

Then set a timer. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s the best productivity hack I know. Set a timer for 25 minutes and when the timer starts, give your project 100% focus. Turn off your phone, exit all unnecessary tabs.


When the timer goes off, take a 5-minute break and reward yourself with a dance party, a Youtube video, cuddle your pet, eat cake, pour another cup of coffee, whatever your heart desires. Maybe even start your day with a breakfast designed to fuel your productivity vibes.


Guess what, whatever you’re working on…. It’s never going to be perfect; you’re going to learn and grow the more times you actually COMPLETE a task. You can’t learn from an idea of something perfect you keep locked up in your magical brain.

Take it from a recovering (procrastinating)perfectionist, make a plan, set a timer and get sh*t done! Put it out into the world. As miss frizzle would say…. “Take chances, make mistakes and get messy.”

It is never easy to leave or change what you have been doing for years now, but you can always take a step forward today towards your dreams and your aspirations.

I hope this helps you to sort your life. Leave comment below if you are or you were a procrastinator.

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