An Open Letter To Myself

Priya Srisrimal

My dear love,

I know you are a mess right now, and you feel little lost and definitely pretty confused, but I am here to tell you that every curveballs' life has thrown your way and every struggle you are going through right now is worth it. There will be days when you feel like you can barely make it. Just have faith and know that this rough sledging time during your life is preparing you for the amazing person that you are to become. Let me reassure you that you are not alone and things will get better.

There are many things I would like to tell you, but I think what you need to hear the most right now is that it's okay not to know exactly who you are yet and what you are heading towards. Discovering your true self is what this time is all about. You are given more freedom at this time than you have ever had before, and it has ignited a beautiful and youthful sense of exploration in you. Embrace it. Buy the shoes. Take the class. Go on the road trip. Go on the camping trip you have been planning forever now. Jump off a cliff. Skydive. Eat the fuck you want. Fuck! What people think about you. Make mistakes and learn from them. And by doing all of this, you will learn about yourself in a way that you never have, and you never will.

Priya Srisrimal

Look in the mirror and you will see it clearer. You are attractive, outstanding, imperfectly human, and because of that, you have your own quirky uniqueness about you. That uniqueness is world-shaking, and it will change the world some day. Relish it. Do not conform to societal norms in an attempt to please others. You will only leave yourself feeling chapfallen in the end, emptied of the glorious spirit that once flourished inside of you. Have your own opinions, and share them with the world. Do not be afraid of the beautiful ideas in your head and the joyous song of your heart. Do not waste these precious years of life pretending to be somebody you are not. Set your soul free.

Love yourself before you love anyone else. You are a giver, not a taker, and while that is a stupefying trait to have, it can be prejudicial for your relationship with yourself. Do not allow your worth to be defined by what is between your legs and the way you look, base it on what is in your head and what it induces. Become best friends with yourself. Learn to laugh at your imperfections, and praise the good in others. Your body is a temple, and it should be treated as such. There is a bright, exuberant, infectious soul inside you, and you will fall in love with it; I promise.

Enjoy this jolty ride with a smile upon your face. Be a scholar of your mistakes, and allow yourself to be truly you. This is the moment you have to forget what everyone else thinks, and you will unleash your inner self, break out of the box you have built for yourself. You are a diamond, rugged and infrangible. Hold your head high, my love. Every wrong turn you take still gets you closer to your destination. Discovering who you are is a journey that is built by mistakes, mistakes that will make you stronger and wiser .

Move forward, and do great things. You are going to love who you become.


Blue inked Fingers.

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